Visa Process


  1. Investor performs extensive due diligence and chooses a Regional Center and Project.
  2. Investor reads, understands and signs the Regional Center partnership documents.
    1. Investor funds their investment with the full investment amount.
  3. Funds are released (from Escrow, if applicable) $500,000 (TEA)/$1,000,000 (non-TEA) to Partnership.
    1. Once funding is accepted, and the General Partner/Managing Member approves the investor the investor becomes a member of the specific investment entity.
    2. Partnership invests the fund in accordance with partnership comprehensive business plan.
  4. In an investment structured as a loan the investment pays the Partnership the interest on the note, interest rate and times of payment will vary.
  5. Investors are either equity partners or participating in a loan to a target investment. In either case the way Regional Centers distribute income on profits, if any, vary widely.
  6. Some Regional Centers have an exit strategy on the EB-5 investment and others do not. Presumably in a loan structure the borrower pays back the loan amount upon maturity. In an equity situation the asset must be sold and a suitable buyer found.
  7. In all cases the investor has completed all immigration requirements after the approval of the I-829.
  8. The business side of the process follows whatever exit strategy has been stated in the individual partnership agreements by the various Regional Centers.


  1. Investor is presented with the confidential documents of the Century American Regional Center Investment Project. Investor and his/her advisors review the material including the Private Placement Memorandum, the Subscription Agreement (when applicable), Limited Partnership Agreement/LLC Operating Agreement, Project Job-Creation Economic Report, and Escrow Agreement.
  2. Investor chooses Century American Regional Center and executes (signs) the Private Placement Memorandum, the Subscription Agreement, Limited Partnership Agreement/LLC Operating Agreement, and Escrow Agreement (when applicable). The investor deposits subscription price into the escrow account of partnership. The investor’s immigration attorney and investor begin gathering documents to build the I-526 petition.
  3. Investor’s legal Counsel submits Immigration Petition (I-526) to the USCIS. The investor’s legal counsel receives a receipt notice that the petition has been received.
  4. Upon approval of I-526, Department of State issues instruction packet for Immigrant Visa Application (DS-2001 & DS-230i) which contains information and forms for investor completion prior to scheduling a visa interview.
  5. Investor is notified of U.S. Consulate Interview date and receives Appointment Package for Immigrant Visa Applicants (DS-230ii). Medical examination is required.
  6. U.S. Consulate Interview or adjustment of status if investor is in the United States.
  7. Conditional Visa is granted usually at the time of interview.
  8. Immigrants enter the U.S. within 180 days after approval and receive their conditional permanent visa.
  9. Investors legal counsel files application for removal of conditions I-829 on visa (21-24 months after U.S. entry).
  10. If approved the conditional status of the visa is removed.
  11. U.S. citizenship optional after 60 months after U.S. entry